Vacation With John C. & Brian G.


Vacation with John C. and Brian G. June, 2006.

Shot of Sue the T-Rex skeleton from the Field Museum in Chicago
John posed to look as if his fingers are holding up the plaque for the Field Museum
Holding up the sign
Shot of the group in their seats on a boat ride
Going for a boat ride
John standing outside of a colorfully painted building with his sunglasses on
"Hasta la vista baby!"
A series of storefronts, one has a large scale model of a horse out front
Where the Cowboys shop
A worn, wooden painted sign that reads 'COWBOYS! SCRAP SHIT FROM BOOTS BEFORE ENTERING!'
'Nuff said
Brian, John, and Ken sit around a room with their respective guitars plugged into a series of large amplifiers
Brian, John, and Ken rock out
Brian and John pose on the patio
Brian and John catching some rays