Whatever your reason for traveling, you are welcome to visit us and, in addition to the collection, enjoy our local restaurants, parks, and entertainment, or any other special requirement coordinated through our concierge.

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Previous Guests

Brian G. from Toronto, Canada plays a "tired" tune on the Gretsch 6120.
Frank F. from Long Island, NY improvises on the L-5 "Wes Montgomery" model
Paul K. gets the Marshall stack in gear
Danny & Mandy L. sample the Fender Blackface lineup with their own Telecasters.
John C. from London, England shows how good a Geeson can sound through a full HiWatt stack.
Peter L. from Yorkshire, England gives the Super 400 a test drive.
Rusty L. takes time to stop and smell the roses, as well as give the Fender Squire Telecaster a workout.
Steve B. works his Les Paul
Chicagoland "Acoustic Guitar Forum" Members
Elliot J. gets in some licks
Toronzo C. test drives "Lucy"
Matt J. gets a little jazzy with the Newson
Sean K. from London, England takes the Falcon for a test flight